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Darkstar Complete Skateboards at Skateshop24:

DARKSTAR SKATEBOARDS is the California-based skateboard company. The Founders Matt and Chet Thomas named their company after the famous Grateful Dead Song "Darkstar" Darkstar skateboard
deck graphics usually feature some version of their menacing horned knight. This symbol of strength somehow fitting, since now many Darkstar decks are now built of with either the Resin-7 or Resin-9
constructions or the new "armor light" construction -- all of which lead to a skateboard that is lighter and has much more strength and pop than skateboards of previous generations.

Darkstar Skateboards feature a wicked lineup of team riders like:
Adam Dyet, A.J. Sharpe, Paul Machnau ,Gaelia Momolu, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Craig Lutzka, Ryan Decenzo and the company's founder Stevie Williams himself.

Here is the selection of Darkstar complete skateboards currently available at Skateshop24: