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PREMIUM SKATEBOARDS is a brand of the #1 Skateboard Manufacturer in Canada. Here's a company owned and operated exclusively by skateboarders for skateboarders since 1996! All the boards are made with 100% 'Hardrock' Canadian Maple and cold pressed with a special water based glue. Some people might tell you there's no difference between a Chinese made board and a Canadian made board... Well they're wrong. If you're a really serious skater, you will feel the difference between Premium and Chinese made boards. Premium decks are the real deal and are the best boards available! They offer better pop and stiffness giving you the extra air and control to complete any line of tricks you can imagine!

Premium Skateboards has a Pro Team of international riders:
Max Dafour, Josh Evin, Dayne Brummett, Alex Garvin, Mathias Ringström, Marc Haziza and Morgan Cambell.

Take a look at our selection of Premium skateboard decks available at Skateshop24: