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Flat Spot offers real street related obstacles to make your customized spots look as street as possible. Building obstacles for 15 years now, we have the experience to know the needs of true street skaters. The idea of moveable flat rails and ledges combined with other skate related objects to satisfy your wish for various environments and the need for perfect street obstacles. So you can change the place where you skate every day and use your chosen obstacles anyhow. The dimensions of the movable rail and ledge allow transportation by car, public transportation or even by board Tested for about a year now by numerous skaters all over Germany, Flat Spot obstacle are now ready to enhance your daily skate life...offering the opportunity to improve your skating without being stuck at one spot. And because many skaters don’t live in bigger cities with plenty of skate spots, Flat Spot is the perfect solution for you to live your passion near your home with your friends. All Flat Spot obstacles are built from extreme long lasting and durable steel and plywood, which guarantee countless sessions in- and outdoors.