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Angst Passion Hastduangstoderwas Skateboard Deck 7.63

Angst Passion Hastduangstoderwas Skateboard Deck 7.63


incl. 19 % UST exkl.

Angst Passion Hastduangstoderwas Deck 7.63
7-ply canadian maple sanguine construction:

the passion series is something quite special:
take, for example, the flagship deck “the passion”.
underneath the black and white graphic lies a coat
of red paint, and under that, two plys of red stained
maplewood, all waiting to be unveiled by the first
slides. so you can have at it, lashing your cruelest
slides across His back and into the crown of thorns;
breaking His skin and drawing His blood with each
stroke. thereby not destroying the print, rather,
enhancing it; bringing the design to
its artistic completion.


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