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Wheels is a recognised manufacturer of skateboard wheels. The company started in 1977 under the leadership of George Powell. Their products guarantee a high and excellent quality. In addition, the wheels guarantee a stable tread.

The Team RidersThe

renowned team of Bones has a complex line-up. Each rider has a special and particular importance. Top-class riders like Tony Hawk and Jesus Fernandez have ridden for the brand. The company supplies the right wheels for every riding style. Professional skaters like David Gravette, Chris Joslin, Evan Smith, Felipe Gustavo, Aaron Homoki, Ryan Decenzo and Rodney Mullen are part of the label's line-up.

The qualityThe

initiator of Bones Wheels is the engineer George Powell. As a result, the company sets high standards for the quality of its products. The brand puts a lot of effort into researching and testing its wheels. Special attention is paid to the hardness and abrasion of the wheels. This enables an improved compound. Bones has also devised a precise durometer measuring device. The exact B-scale maps the degree of hardness of skateboard wheels. However, the determined values are about 20 points lower than on the usual A-scale. The American company produces its skateboard wheels in Santa Barbara, California. Bones


develop the optimal skateboard wheel for every riding style, Bones uses different compounds for its products. The most popular material mixture is the hard and durable Street-Tech Formula. Bones STF is optimally suited for skating on the street. The products with the Skatepark Formula promise a little more grip. The softer All-Terrain Formula is a generalist among the skateboard wheels. A cheaper variant are the 100's from Bones. The manufacturer's range includes wheels in different sizes and shapes.

Bones Bear

ingsFor an optimal riding experience, the Bones ball bearings are considered the most important ball bearing par excellence. They guarantee fast riding, high quality and a reasonable price. Since the 80s, Bones Bearings have been distributed all over the world. Together with a manufacturer from Switzerland, George Powell developed the bearings for skateboards. With the inexpensive Bones Reds and the high-quality Bones Swiss, there are two different types of bearings.