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Products from Chocolate Skateboards

Chocolate Skateboards

About the Chocolate Skateboards brandEvery

skater knows the Chocolate Skateboards brand. The special feature of this brand and thus the trademark are the high-quality Chocolate decks with their graphics that remain in the memory. Nevertheless, the influential Chocolate Skate Team and the associated video classics should not be forgotten.

How it all started:

In 1994 Chocolate started as a sister company to Girl Skateboards. Chocolate grew into a force to be reckoned with under Crailtap. The difference between Girl Skateboards and Chocolate was relatively simple. Girl Skateboards had the pros under contract and Chocolate was where Chico Brenes gathered promising talent. In the process, the name "Chocolate" was almost to become "Sisters". However, Steve Rocco, the rival and owner of World Industries at the time, secured the rights to the name "Sisters", so the name "Chocolate Skateboards" was born. By the way, Steve Rocco only secured the rights to get one over on the crew from Girl Skateboards, with Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. Some well-known names have been on the decks of Chocolate over the years, such as Gino Ianucci, Stevie Williams, Marc Johnson, Paulo Diaz or Keenan Milton. Also for years, Chocolate has been considered a great inspiration in the skate scene.

Team reinforcementThe

team, which until 2014 consisted of Kenny Anderson, Chico Brenes, Justin Eldridge, Jesus Fernandez, Raven Tershy and Chris Roberts, expanded shortly before its 20th anniversary. Vincent Alvarez was signed by Chocolate. The reason is simple. He embodies the brand's raw LA street style like no other.

The graphics of Evan HecoxIn

connection with Chocolate Skateboards and their designs, the name Evan Hecox must of course not be left out. Evan Hecox comes from Colorado and has not only designed the logo lettering of the brand, but also many of the Chocolate Skateboard deck designs. But his graphics are not only on the decks. They can also be found on selected T-shirts, longsleeves, caps and skateboard wheels.