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Products from FUA Industries

FUA Industries
fua industries is an independent trend sports brand straight from the underground of Dortmund, since June 2003. Frustrated by the economic systems, the machinations, the way the big companies try to dazzle customers with their brand strategies, we decided to start our own label. FUA! We know what has changed. Skateboarding, for example, is no longer an anti-establishment movement. Kids show their interest in skateboarding by wearing mostly sinfully expensive products. They are encouraged to buy them by a sophisticated marketing mix system of globally operating brands. So the kids wear brand-name clothes. Are they skateboarders? NO. Something has changed. The culture, the attitude, the sport. We see ourselves as an underground alliance, who, contrary to the sport and the activists, show the necessary respect. Such people who want to share a part of this attitude with us on a family basis and bring it to the public are welcome. Give respect to get respect. Fua takes you back to the roots. Direct.