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Products from Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Skateboards - not just boards, but the skate lifestyle.

When you hear the name Santa Cruz , you probably think of the American city on the West Coast. The Californian beach town of Santa Cruz is the eponym of Santa Cruz Skateboards . No other brand embodies the typical Californian attitude to life of freedom and unlimited possibilities as much as Santa Cruz Skateboards. Skating means letting go, throwing off all ballast and simply being free.

The path to the longest-lasting skateboard manufacturer in the world

In 1973, Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman founded the Santa Cruz brand in California. That was over 40 years ago and the company can proudly claim to be the oldest active skateboard manufacturer. In the early days of the brand, the urethane wheel came onto the market, replacing the metal wheel that had been used until then. The plastic made it possible to produce wheels in different degrees of hardness. This was a true revolution in the history of skateboards. The urethane wheel gave skateboarding new popularity again, which Santa Cruz was able to take advantage of directly.

The city of Santa Cruz is also known as Surf City. So it's hardly surprising that the very first Santa Cruz team was made up of surfers looking for an alternative for days with bad swell. Santa Cruz was directly involved in the beginnings of street skating. A young talent named Eric Dressen was part of the brand's Speed Wheel team and caused a stir in a Speed Freaks video. In the skate clip, he showed what impressive things you can do with a skateboard on a half pipe or in a backyard pool. Founder Richard Novak took advantage of the favourable timing and the attention he attracted and managed to turn the company into a permanently successful and long-lasting skate company with the help of his entrepreneurial skills.

A skateboard brand with tradition

Santa Cruz Skateboards is all about tradition and authenticity. The company remains true to its style and does not orient itself to constantly changing trends. It is a trendsetter itself, no matter whether it's about cool streetware or their popular reissue skateboard decks. The brand's logo, the Screaming Hand, is still known all over the world. It was designed by artist Jim Phillips Sr.. who was the art director for the company for many years. The logo has become a true classic and can still be found on Santa Cruz products today. It can be found in the most diverse variations on decks and clothing. Here, modern designs meet classic basics.

The extensive range of Santa Cruz skateboards

The range extends from a large selection of high-quality skateboard decks to sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts and accessories. Not only the designs of Jim Phillips, but also the work of contemporary artist Jason Edmiston are still used. From Edminston's pen, for example, comes the Slasher - a green monster that darts on a skateboard in the shape of a bloody knife. The yellow-green grimace Roskopp-Face is also his work. The brand, which places great value on tradition, faithfully adheres to these classic motifs.

The pro decks of Santa Cruz team members Eric Dress en , Blake Johnson, Roy Roskopp, Jim Grosso and Jeff Kendall are repeatedly reissued in the range, which also includes Popsicle decks. In addition to various skateboard decks, Santa Cruz also offers complete boards, cruisers. Despite the high value of the company's tradition, Santa Cruz naturally also uses the latest skateboard deck technologies to always offer the best of the best. These include, for example, Powerply, VX and Everslick.

The Santa Cruz Skateboard Team

From the very beginning, Santa Cruz can be proud of the great commitment of its team riders . Eric Dressen, for example, is still a member of the Santa Cruz family. His personal signature deck is still available. Despite the brand's loyalty to its long-time members, it also helps young talents to succeed and gives them a hand. Skaters like Tom Asta, Justin Sommer or Tom Remillard are among the most promising young talents in the scene. All three skate with decks from Santa Cruz.

Other skaters in the Santa Cruz Skateboarding Team are:

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